Face treatment by KLAPP

Name Opis Cena
Beautifull Eyes treatment for the eye area 80zł - 20 min
Skin Couperose strenghtening treatment for vascular skin 160zł - 45 min
Skin push Up moisturizing and firming treatment 180zł - 45 min
Skin Power o2 oxygenating and lifting treatment 190zł - 45 min
Skin balancing normalizing treatment for oily and acne skin 160zł - 45 min
Express lift an instant lifting treatment 170zł - 30 min
Lipid protection reassembler and rejuvenating treatment 180zł - 45 min
Sensitive time     silencing treatment with beta glucan 160zł - 45 min
Skin Radiance discoloration of brigtening treatment 260zł - 60 min
Anti-Aging Touch instant regenarating treatment for face, neck and neckline 250zł - 60 min
New energy boost of energy for undernourished damaged skin 260zł - 60 min

Other treatments

Diamond mikrodermabrasion:
face  130 zł
face and neck  170 zł
face, neck and neckline 190 zł
Cavitation peeling with moisturizing:
for facial treatment 60 zł
face 130 zł
neck and neckline 55 zł
face, neck and neckline 150 zł
Ultrasounds on face:
  70 zł
Ultrasounds on body:
  110 zł
LED Mask:
    60 zł
Ultrasonic liposuction - cavitation:
abdomen  200 zł
tights 200 zł
abdomen + tights  300 zł
abdomen + sides 300 zł
abdomen + hips 300 zł
face, neck and neckline 120 zł
eye area 60 zł
Sonophoresis with ampoule:
face, neck and neckline 60 zł
back, breasts, buttocks or tights  70 zł
sonophoresis for treatment 50 zł
Anti-wrinkes Iron:
  70zł - 20 min

Complementary treatments

Name Description Price
  eyelashes and eyebrows 20 zł
  eyebrows with regulation 30 zł
  eyelashes and eyebrows with regulation 40 zł
  regulation 15 zł
Waxing depilation    
  moustache 15 zł
  legs 90 zł
  calves or thighs 50 zł
  armpits 30 zł
  shallow / deep bikini  40 / 60zł
Whole body peeling    
  chocolate 80 zł
  coconut 80 zł
  almond 80 zł
  goat milk 125 zł
  cranberry 130 zł
  thalmarin 120 zł
Finnish sauna Private use possible after booking
  30min  20 zł
  45min  25 zł
  60min  35 zł

Hand and foot treatment

Name Price
Manicure with hand care; 60 zł
Manicure SPA  70 zł
Hybrid manicure 80 zł
Manicure Chi YANG  130 zł
Paraffin treatment for hands 30 zł
Nails painting 10 zł
French painting 15 zł
Pedicure with foot care 70 zł
Pedicure Spa  90 zł
Hybrid pedicure 80 zł
Pedicure SUNG REY  160 zł
Paraffin treatment for feet 30 zł
Gel nail extension 130 zł
 + Complement 70 zł
French gel 140 zł
 + Complement  80 zł
Gel for feet 90 zł
 + Complement 70 zł


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