SPA Packages

Name Description Price
"Sweet relax"
  • Sauna
  • Sweet relax (whole body  peeling: chocolate, almond  or coconut)
  • aromatic relaxation  massage
  • Spa for hands (peeling,  massage and mask)

159 zł
(90 min)

"Sea relax"
  • Sauna
  • Sea relax (whole body  peeling of sea salt)
  • classic massage based on  sea algae oils extract
  • Spa for hands (peeling,  massage and mask)
199 zł
(120 min)
Spa packages for hands and feet
  • CHI YANG – hand care –  hand massage + peeling +  mask in the form of gloves  + manicure with painting or  applying conditioner  regenerating on nails
  • SUNG REI – foot care –  foot massage + luxurious  foot bath with peeling +  pedicure with painting or  applying conditioner  regenerating on nails
(120 min)

Slimming and Modeling package “SLIM”
  • Sauna
  • Whole body peeling
  • Body compress (body  bandage coffee or slimming  body plast) contain  extract of tiger grass and  caffeine which are slims  and firm body
  • Chinese cupping massage  combined with slimming  and modeling massage
  • Spa for feet (peeling, massage and mask)

(150 min)

DAY Package
  • Sauna
  • Whole body peeling
  • Classical/relaxation  massage
  • Treatment for skin “PUSH  UP” by Klapp
  • Manicure/pedicure
320 zł
(3 h)
"Sentoza" House Package
  • Sauna
  • Aromatic and relaxation  massage “A Touch of  Spring” with aromatic oils
  • Body compress with sea  algae
  • Face treatment "Vernal  Wake Skin" (peeling from  goat milk/cranberries or sea  salt + face massage  finished with cream  application)
  • Hand treatment “CHI  YANG” + manicure with  painting
  • Foot treatment “SUNG REI”  + pedicure with painting
450 zł
(5 h)
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